Handbuilding Pottery Classes

This month’s theme is “trinkets and vessels to hold them”. We will create small sculptures (of animals, people, food, objects, etc.) and/or small decorated bowls and plates. Feel free to get as creative as you’d like with this prompt!

In these 2 weeks you will be guided through the process of working with clay from beginning to end. We will be using pinching, slab-construction and drop-mould methods in this process. I will deliver these methods using demonstrations and may also provide a slideshow of image examples.  

All materials, tools and firing will be provided. Please come prepared with ideas- 2 weeks will fly by and you’ll want to make the most of your time!

Sessions are 3 hours each, and will take place at my private studio in Parkdale, 77 Florence Street. Confirmed participants will be emailed further information. 

*In the case that you miss a class, you can make up for it at a later date. If you need more time to work on your pieces you may arrange an appointment with me outside of our session for a fee. Please note that cracks, imperfections and unexpected results may occur and are part of the learning process. 

For any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.

week 1, greenware - constructing and decorating your pieces
~pieces will be bisqued after week 1~
week 2, bisqware - glazing
~pieces will be glazed after week 2. When ready, I will email everyone to arrange pick-up. I’ll aim for the following weekend but it may take longer~

March 9 & 16 
11 am - 2 pm 

March 10 & 17
5 pm - 8 pm

Art Objects for Sale

All objects are hand-crafted by the artist. Materials used are high-fired ceramic, semi-precious stones, pearls and brass wire. Please see terms and conditions before placing an order.

porcelain and satin-finish glazes 

Butterfly Vase
Intricately painted porcelain vase

Porcelain bud vase with matte and textured glazes

Porcelain bud vase with satin and matte glazes

Porcelain bud vase with satin and textured glazes

Glazed porcelain

Glazed red clay

Coleoptera 1
Glazed red clay. Aproximately 2” x 4”

Coleoptera 2
Glazed red clay. Aproximately 2.5” x 3”

Coleoptera 3
Glazed red clay. Aproximately 1” x 4”

Coleoptera 4
Glazed red clay. Aproximately 3” x 4”

Pink Pearl Shell
Ceramic shell pendant with freshwater pink pearl, peach moonstone beads and 4 baroque pearls. 17” chain, 2” ceramic pendant

ceramic spiral pendant, carnelian agate beads. 18.5” chain, 1” pendant. 

Blue Marbled Dessert Bowl
Stained and glazed porcelain.

Pink Flower Dessert Bowl
Glazed porcelain

Marbled dessert plate
stained and glazed porcelain

Star cup
Glazed porcelain

Marbled Egg cup
glazed interior, red clay and porcelain

Pearl Jar
Glazed porcelain

Marbled mini vase 1
glazed interior, stained porcelain

Marbled mini vase 2
glazed interior,  porcelain and red clay

Iridescent mini vase
glazed porcelain

Shell Tray
ceramic jewelry tray with shell and and pearl motifs. 4.5” x 3”.

“A moment of love” mini vase
glazed porcelain

Patterned mini vase 1
Glazed and marked porcelain 

Patterned mini vase 2
Glazed and marked porcelain


Terms and Conditions
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