Ceramic Surface Design Workshop

This month’s ceramic class will cover a variety of surface design techniques. Using underglaze and glaze we will explore various techniques to decorate clay surfaces such as Mishima (line inlay), Sgraffito, paper stencils, and more.

In these 3 weeks you will be guided through the process of working with clay from beginning to end. We will be using hand-building methods (pinching, slab-construction and drop-moulds) in this process.

Information will delivered using demonstrations and a slideshow of image examples.  

All materials, tools and firing will be provided. Just bring ideas of what you want to make!

Sessions are 3 hours each, and will take place at my private studio in Parkdale, at 77 Florence Street. Participants will be emailed further information. 

*In the case that you miss a class, you can make up for it at a later date. If you need more time to work on your pieces you may arrange an appointment with me outside of our session for a fee. Please note that cracks, imperfections and unexpected results may occur and are part of the learning process. 

For any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.

week 1 (greenware) - constructing  your pieces, beginning decorating if there’s time
week 2 - decorating your pieces

~pieces will be bisqued after week 2~

week 2 (bisqware) - glazing

~pieces will be glazed after week 3. When ready, I will email everyone to arrange pick-up. I’ll aim for the following weekend but it may take longer~

May 12 - 26
11 am - 2 pm

© all images are the property of Misbah Ahmed